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Why Bespoke Tailoring?

The fast pace of today’s world means that when it comes to the clothes we wear, we want something factory made, straight from the rack. However, this means that we accept the fact, that the clothes will not always wear ideally, and the color and length and width will not always be of our of choosing. But, it does not have to be this way.

If you decide to have a bespoke tailored suit, it will be a one with an ideal fit, a one that will cover the “flaws” and bring about the “good”.

Each person has a different profile and proportions, and as such, individual attention is needed to tailor the best suit for the person.

Unique Benefits

Clothes made to order will let you underline your individuality and uniqueness. By choosing a tailor shop as opposed to a clothing store, you can count on an unique design, a one that will make you feel well.

The following is the standard that you will see at my atelier:

  • using only natural inserts without glue
  • using only the best cutting and tailoring methods
  • collection of the best quality fabrics from known weaving mills
  • providing each customer with individual attention
  • detailed interview regarding customer's expectations, regarding the occasion during which the suit will be worn by the customer, matching the suit with the way the customer moves about (such observations are important during cutting and tailoring of the suit)
  • professional advice regarding matching the cut of the suit with the customer's silhouette.

What others say about me:

  • Macaroni Tomato

    Working with him gives me a feeling of security that his craftsmanship and effect of his work will fulfill my expectations. He is really calm, a trait that is not seen too often in this type of work.

  • Szarmant

    Piotr was the first master of the craft that was able to meet my needs. Good tailor is like a good doctor, one is out there, somewhere, but it’s hard to find him.

  • Szarmant

    I will repeat it like a mantra, that each consecutive order at a tailor shop should be better than the previous one. The person’s personality and experience are often key when it comes to bespoke tailoring. This time the result was very satisfying.