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The Fabrics

Only the finest quality fabrics are used.

The fabric used in tailoring is of the most importance. Some fabrics wrinkle easily, some are not as durable, some let more air into the body than others. As such, the quality of the fabric will influence the end result. Additionally, the fabric should be selected based on the occasion that we need the suit for, the season of the year and our silhouette.

My suits are tailored from the best quality fabrics in the world:

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The following is the standard of my atelier:

  • only all natural wool fabrics ( cashmere, camel hair, lama(vicugna), mohair), silk, cotton, linen
  • natural linings (bemberg, cupro)
  • natural buttons made of animal horn, matte or glossy, very durable.

What others say about me:

  • Macaroni Tomato

    Working with him gives me a feeling of security that his craftsmanship and effect of his work will fulfill my expectations. He is really calm, a trait that is not seen too often in this type of work.

  • Szarmant

    Piotr was the first master of the craft that was able to meet my needs. Good tailor is like a good doctor, one is out there, somewhere, but it’s hard to find him.

  • Szarmant

    I will repeat it like a mantra, that each consecutive order at a tailor shop should be better than the previous one. The person’s personality and experience are often key when it comes to bespoke tailoring. This time the result was very satisfying.