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Our Partnership

The suit that you have dreamed about, step-by-step.

I would like for you to feel comfortable when you enter my atelier. While waiting, you can sit down in a comfortable chair and drink some coffee and share your expectations with me , so that I can better understand your needs , so that you will be satisfied with the end result.

First visit

In order to spend as much time with the customer as needed, I like to set an appointment with my customer over the telephone, or by e-mail. I begin the conversation with questions about the customer’s lifestyle, the specific occasion the suit is going to be worn at (everyday business, wedding, etc.) To better understand the customer I also ask him to walk around the atelier to oberve the posture, etc. Based on my observations I recommend the design and fabric for the suit.

The next visit will deal with the design, whether it is to be a classic fit or more modern, Italian. We will also discuss the number of layers of fabric to be used, etc.

Second visit

During the next visit, the customer will try on the “first measure”, and discuss the following:

  • The length of the coat
  • The width (bust, waist and hips)
  • The width of the flaps
  • The height of the collar

Third visit

Most of the elements of the suit will be almost ready during the third visit. The flaps, the chest pocket, side pockets will be sewn on, but should corrections be needed, those will be made. I will also ask the customer to try on the trousers to check their length and width (both waist, and trouser legs).

Fourth visit

During the last visit, the customer tries on the suit, and if there are no corrections needed, the customer will pick up his order and enjoy it for years to come.

What others say about me:

  • Macaroni Tomato

    Working with him gives me a feeling of security that his craftsmanship and effect of his work will fulfill my expectations. He is really calm, a trait that is not seen too often in this type of work.

  • Szarmant

    Piotr was the first master of the craft that was able to meet my needs. Good tailor is like a good doctor, one is out there, somewhere, but it’s hard to find him.

  • Szarmant

    I will repeat it like a mantra, that each consecutive order at a tailor shop should be better than the previous one. The person’s personality and experience are often key when it comes to bespoke tailoring. This time the result was very satisfying.