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Clothes to meet your needs

Each occasion, whether it is a business meeting, a wedding requires a slightly different approach and style. Nothing is fit for all, as there are different postures, which need to be complemented by different fabric and colors. Sometimes the suit that we want to order is not based on the season of the year, but perhaps, on the person’s whim. My atelier answers the needs to those who like classic design, as well as those who like a bit of extravagance.

I know both, the fashion trends, as well tricks of the tailoring trade. I know what to do to make the person’s legs appear longer, how to optically widen the shoulders, or have the person appear slimmer. Because of my expertise, my atelier has numerous repeat customers who are happy with the end result.

You can order the following in my atelier:

  • garnitury (w tym garnitury ślubne),
  • suits, wedding suits
  • tuxedos
  • overcoats
  • dress coats
  • coats
  • shirts

Special offer for connoisseurs:

A 100% hand sewn suit can be specially ordered. No sewing machine is used in the process. Such suit is a total bespoke, the best of the best. It should be noted that we are the only tailor atelier in Poland, and one among a few in the World that offer this special service.

Why is it worth to consider placing an order for a totally hand made suit? Simply because the seams are much more elastic, and as such, more durable.

What others say about me:

  • Macaroni Tomato

    Working with him gives me a feeling of security that his craftsmanship and effect of his work will fulfill my expectations. He is really calm, a trait that is not seen too often in this type of work.

  • Szarmant

    Piotr was the first master of the craft that was able to meet my needs. Good tailor is like a good doctor, one is out there, somewhere, but it’s hard to find him.

  • Szarmant

    I will repeat it like a mantra, that each consecutive order at a tailor shop should be better than the previous one. The person’s personality and experience are often key when it comes to bespoke tailoring. This time the result was very satisfying.